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Southwold Electric Picture Palaces

Starting with the origins of the Southwold Electric Picture Palace 

in York Road in 1912, the book traces the fortunes 

of this cinema until its closure in1963. 


Technical equipment, other uses the hall was put to, expansion, 

the coming of sound, wartime, and events leading up 

to closure in 1963 are all recorded. 


The book also looks at the Gaumont Chrono film projector first used in the cinema, and its final resting place on display in Southwold Museum.


John Bennett tells of the present Electric Picture Palace in 

Blackmill Road, Southwold opened by Michael Palin in 2002. 

The 37 pages are illustrated with 35 black and white pictures 

plus four pictures in colour on the covers.


ISBN 978-1-9993672-0-6 

Southwold Electric Picture Palaces

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