Other Local History Books

manningtree and mistley history book

Manningtree and Mistley 

This 2012 book looks at the small town of Manningtree with its shops and businesses, and the neighbouring village of Mistley, which has a working quay with regular shipping and nearby malting and food products industries.

216 pages

 illustrated with 155 B&W pictures

and 48 in colour

ISBN 978-0-9558271-5-0

£12.50 inc P&P

lightships in essex LV18

Lightships off the Essex Coast and the Story of LV18

With chapters on ‘The Early Days of Navigating the Coast’, ‘A History of Lightships’, and ‘Life on board a Lightship’, this book revolves round the last manned lightship LV18 which is now moored permanently at Harwich and is open to the public. The book includes a tour of the vessel. 

The 48 pages are illustrated with 38 black and white pictures plus 6 in colour.

ISBN 978-0-9558271-7-4 


£5 inc P&P

History of street lights in colchester essex

Lighting up Colchester


This book traces the development of Colchester public street lighting from its beginning in 1811 to the start of the 21st century. During this period many methods were devised for producing light from oil, gas and electricity.

Colchester was often one of the first towns to adopt new technologies that are described and copiously illustrated in this fascinating book.



£7.99 inc P&P


103 pages