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Do you know the origin of the name Shrub End? Why is Dugard Avenue so named, what is Gosbecks, and what prompted Prettygate to be so called. Questions such as these are answered in Ken Rickwood’s new book Colchester’s Shrub End: A history of a manor, village and parish. 

     Ken Rickwood, a Shrub End resident since 1966, has written this well researched book bringing together historical facts, the farms that once occupied these lands, developments including the housing estates and roads of the 1950s and 1960s, and the businesses and industries that emerged and prospered – bringing the full story of this once isolated area next to its larger neighbour of Colchester up to date - to the Shrub End we know today. 

     Anyone living in this part of the city of Colchester will find this book a fascinating read, and might even find their road or even a house they know mentioned. There is a full list of Shrub End street names and a useful Index to find your way about.

     With 62 black& white, and 180 colour illustrations, and numerous maps spread over 250 pages, this is local history at its very best written by an accomplished author.

Shrub End

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