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This book looks at the small town of Manningtree situated 

on the Essex Suffolk border beside the tidal estuary of The Stour,

and the neighbouring villages of Mistley and Lawford.


Manningtree contains almost everything one could want – with a wide range of shops, businesses, and restaurants, as well as entertainment and recreational facilities such as sailing and boating. There is always a lot going on in the town, and events and happenings are mentioned in the book, along with short accounts of some of the businesses and people working in Manningtree. There are short sequences on the history and development of the town over the years.

The neighbouring villages of Mistley and Lawford are similarly covered, along with bits of history, industry, and continuing development in this corner of Essex, 


Manningtree and Around contains an introduction to the area, Chapters on Manningtree, Mistley and Lawford, and a full index. It has 132 pages with 247 colour and 48 black and white illustrations.

£14.50 inc UK P&P

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