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Colchester’s Secret Roman River

with 228 illustrations of which 189 are in colour, and 242 pages

Ken Rickwood has been exploring Roman River for over fifty years. During this time he has amassed a wealth of facts and fancies about the river. Here he conveys a varied selection of these, which are presented within a series of walks, arranged parish by parish as he journeys along the valley.

     Beginning at the tidal estuary between East Donyland and Fingringhoe he travels upstream through Langenhoe and the lost parish of Berechurch. Here, Roman River is joined by its main tributary of Layer Brook. 

     Passing through Birch, which contributes another tributary, Birch Brook, we come to Stanway and the site of Camulodunum. 

     Roman River continues through Copford, Marks Tey and Aldham to Great Tey, which hides the source of this intriguing twelve-mile river.

     Ken has walked the length of this secret river, and in this book he explores with enthusiasm all the nooks and crannies as it winds its way round Colchester and out into the countryside. 


Roman River

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